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*2.2.3* - 17.04.2017
* Fixed an issue with captions disappearing on certain viewport 
  dimensions in latest Chrome [Timb]
*2.2.2* - 04.11.2016
* Removed some unnecessary logging [satoshi]
*2.2.1* - 30.06.2016
* Changed the Vimeo fix introduced in 2.2.0 so videos can be shown at their 
  original size again, without black areas.
*2.2.0* - 29.06.2016
* Fix for Vimeo API changes that caused videos to be in SD resolution or lower 
  by default. See:

  Since the Vimeo API no longer supports getting videos at their original dimensions 
  we'll default to 1280x720 just like with Youtube videos.

* Upgraded jQuery to 3.0.0, this drops supports for IE8. 
  If you need IE8 support, keep using jQuery 1.x.
*2.1.4* - 22.02.2016
* Upgraded jQuery to 1.12.1 to fix some positioning issues in Internet Explorer.
*2.1.3* - 09.01.2016
* Updated jQuery to 1.12.0.
*2.1.2* - 05.09.2015
* Fixed Fresco.hide() throwing an error when already hidden.
*2.1.1* - 21.08.2015
* Fixed iOS 8.4.1 requiring 2 clicks on the close button to close [lantek]
*2.1.0* - 20.08.2015
* Switched to a UMD wrapper to add Node/CommonJS support.
  Previous versions only used AMD and globals.

* Removed Packer compression, we're now using Uglify/YUI to play 
  nicer with your build tools.
*2.0.5* - 14.07.2015
* Fixed a classname issue when switching between video and images.

* Fixed videos not loading when working from a file:// based url.

* Removed the red background from broken thumbnails, made it black instead
  so it doesn't jump out as much if a thumbnail just fails to load for any 
  reason. A broken image will still have a red background and an icon.