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*1.4.7* - 31.03.2014
* Made sure the full width of the viewport is available on touch based devices when only 
  a single item is shown. This doubles the available space for those items, most noticeable 
  when an item has a lot more width than height [Paul Sawyer]
*1.4.6* - 06.03.2014
* Fixed an issue that prevented click events within the caption from bubbling up, 
  event delegation can now be used within the caption [villain189]

* Fixed a CSS issue that made it impossible to select text in the caption with ui: 'inside'
  on some browsers.
*1.4.5* - 28.01.2014
* Some CSS changes to avoid conflicts with frameworks like Bootstrap that don't keep the use of 
  box-sizing: border-box within their own namespace but set it globally making it affect Fresco.
  This fixes misaligned close buttons in those cases.
** - 17.01.2014
* One more fallback fix for Firefox 26 on Android.
** - 16.01.2014
* Fixed a false positive that caused a fallback to be used on Firefox 26 on Android. Also
  improved the fallbacks to guard against possible MobileSafari updates like this one [t3chn0r]
*1.4.4* - 16.01.2014
* Fixed a bug that caused onClick: 'next' not to have full width anymore [Voodoopupp]

* Fixed a bug where enabling loop disabled previous/next clicking inside the image [Voodoopupp]

* Fixed a z-index issue with IE8 that prevented previous/next inside the image from being clicked 
  with ui: 'outside', caused by a change in
** - 13.12.2013
* Some more refactoring to improve load times in Chrome.
*1.4.3* - 13.12.2013
* Fixed extreme slowdowns in Chrome when opening groups with lots of images [redshift3d]

  Chrome seems to have a bug related to the insertion of elements with low opacity, the DOM freezes 
  up when many of those elements are inserted at the same time. This made it seem like loading took 
  longer than needed. We now avoid appending low opacity elements upfront as a workaround.
** - 11.12.2013
* Fixed various IE<9 rendering bugs for images with overflow along the x-axis.

* Fixed incorrect offset when using vertical thumbnails with overflow along the x-axis.
*1.4.1* - 11.12.2013
* Fix for some browser bugs that could cause extreme slowdowns when opening sets of large images 
  with thumbnails enabled [redshift3d, Chrystal]

  The root of this problem seemed to be some browsers not being able to handle javascript effects 
  while inserting an image. This might have to do with processing done on an image to smoothen it 
  as it is inserted, which conflicts with the running effect. In some cases the problem only appeared 
  the second time a lightbox was opened, which might hint to some caching issues in the browser. 
  Whatever the cause, Fresco now delays thumbnail insertion as a workaround.