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*1.3.1* - 21.11.2013
* Fixed a bug that could cause sound to keep playing after closing a video on touch based devices [satoshionoda]
*1.3.0* - 28.09.2013
* Doubled the treshold on touchmove events, this allows for more time to create a swipe motion 
  without noticing movement from the touchmove just before the swipe, this sometimes made a 
  swipe seem jerky.

* Refactored image preloading for the touch based UI to make it faster. A smaller range of images 
  is now preloaded to work better with mobile devices that have a small cache.

* Fixed a CSS issue that could cause a subpixel border to appear in some versions of Android.
*1.2.7* - 09.09.2013
* Fixed onClick: 'close' not working in the touch based UI [Thore Ganz]

* The touch based UI now also sets onClick: 'close' automatically if only 1 image is shown,
  so it can be tapped to close [Thore Ganz]
*1.2.6* - 05.06.2013
* Added a fallback for older iPhone 3 models that don't allow upgrading to iOS 5 [GoGetThemes]
*1.2.5* - 26.05.2013
* Updated jQuery to 1.10

* Fixed a bug that caused a ReferenceError in iOS 4 [anhaengerwolf]
*1.2.4* - 15.05.2013
* Improved performance on touch devices (faster swiping). Content is now preloaded in sets of 10 
  instead of preloading on each swipe [mja202]
*1.2.3* - 10.05.2013
* Updated build system to use grunt.

* Made sure that the light versions opens links pointing to vimeo and youtube videos as regular 
  urls instead of constantly showing the loading animation.
*1.2.2* - 04.05.2013
* Fixed a bug in 1.2.0 that caused afterPosition not to fire on touch devices.
*1.2.1* - 01.05.2013
* Fixed a problem that prevented private vimeo videos from being embedded [lettereye]

* Made sure that requests to vimeo are made using https when browsing from a secure site, this 
  prevented some videos from showing up in Chrome [yonatan]
** - 01.05.2013
* Fixed a bug that caused the overlay not to make itself larger when making the browser window larger 
  in IE9 and above [cmal]