Updates: Twitter RSS
*1.1.3* - 19.01.2013
* Fixed IE6 CSS issue for systems with case-sensitive paths [ericcholis]
*1.1.2* - 18.11.2012
* Made sure that optimizations for mobile also affect the iPhone 5.
*1.1.1* - 18.11.2012
* The position indicator is now hidden by default, position: true can be used to enable it [tomb]

* Responsive side buttons, they'll now become smaller on mobile devices. All sprites have been
  updates to include the new smaller buttons.

* Fixed the low opacity border underneath the image not showing up in some cases.

* Improved the visibility of the loading icon on black backgrounds.
*1.1.0* - 15.11.2012
* Added support for swipe events [fschroiff]
** - 09.11.2012
* Hiding the position indicator on small devices, iPhone size or smaller, it took up too much space there [tomb]
*1.0.9* - 04.11.2012
* Fixed a problem where scrollbars could appear inside the window on desktop browsers that incorrectly 
  report support for touch events, like Chrome on some versions of Windows 8. Made sure that CSS rules 
  related to touch based devices now only affect mobile browsers to guard against this [chrismccoy]
*1.0.8* - 24.10.2012
* Fixed a problem introduced in 1.0.6 that prevented from using more than one argument [bbnnt]
*1.0.7* - 23.10.2012
* Fixed a small typo in the css file [Ben Bonnet]
*1.0.6* - 25.09.2012
* Workaround for bad practices in Twitter Bootstrap [Olaf Horstmann]
*1.0.5* - 20.09.2012
* We're now preloading the image before and after the one shown so clicking through images feels 
  faster even with thumbnails disabled [michrome]

* Having thumbnails enabled will now properly push the images loaded within visible thumbnail range 
  onto the preloaded stack, so the loading animation for the center image can be skipped in most cases.

* Added a preload option to disable preloading. This will only work with thumbnails disabled 
  because those will preload the images within visible thumbnail range.