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*2.1.0* - 20.08.2015
* Switched to a UMD wrapper to add Node/CommonJS support.
  Previous versions only used AMD and globals.

* Removed Packer compression, we're now using Uglify/YUI to play 
  nicer with your build tools.
*2.0.5* - 14.07.2015
* Fixed a classname issue when switching between video and images.

* Fixed videos not loading when working from a file:// based url.

* Removed the red background from broken thumbnails, made it black instead
  so it doesn't jump out as much if a thumbnail just fails to load for any 
  reason. A broken image will still have a red background and an icon.
*2.0.4* - 17.06.2015
* Made the example pages in the downloads responsive.
*2.0.3* - 08.04.2015
* Fixed incorrect viewport calculation for Firefox on Android that could cause
  content to be incorrectly positioned [nutorgolfnut]
*2.0.2* - 29.03.2015
* Fixed a bug with right click to save that caused navigation when right clicking.
  The right and middle mouse buttons will no longer trigger navigation.
*2.0.1* - 13.03.2015
* Removed dependency on a Google Code project from the light version, since Google Code is 
  shutting down in 2016. This makes sure the light version keeps working properly in IE7/IE8.
*2.0.0* - 08.03.2015
Note: This release is a complete rewrite. It's not backwards compatibile with custom 
skins and content that used overflow. For everything else upgrading should be smooth.

* A new layout system made it possible to switch between UI modes based on CSS media queries. 
  On small screens Fresco will now switch to an alternative UI mode to optimize use of the 
  viewport. This mode uses the entire screen for navigation and doesn't close Fresco when 
  clicking the overlay [eldborg, proov, Voodoopupp]

* Reduced load times by showing an image as soon as dimensions become available, even as 
  the image is still rendering. This is a lot faster than the old method, especially on
  mobile browsers. Added a loadedMethod option to switch between this method and the old one.

* Skins now only use an SVG/PNG based sprite and CSS to create loading icons.
  No more animated gifs!

* Fresco.skins has been renamed to Fresco.Skins to align with Strip.Skins and Tipped.Skins.
  Note that this will break custom skins that extend Fresco.skins.

* Minimum required jQuery version is now 1.7, up from 1.4.4.

* A position indicator is now shown by default. The special UI mode for small screens 
  really needed this. Enabling it for every UI mode allows transitioning between modes 
  without losing the indicator. The position option can be used to disable this.

* Thumbnails can now be toggled based on viewport dimensions in CSS. We're using this
  to hide thumbnails even on small desktop screens.

* Vertical thumbnails now properly scale based on viewport width instead of viewport height.

* Thumbnails are now disabled on IE7-8 since their updated code is based on 
  box-sizing: border-box, which isn't supported by those browsers. This removes the
  need to add shims to get this to work properly.

* Lots of padding improvements to give content more space on small screens.

* Switched to Javascript based navigation, removing elements that used to overlap the image.
  We're no longer using hacks to allow right-clicking and dragging the image to save.
  This also fixed an issue with the side buttons slightly changing opacity when clicked.

* Added beautiful error states for broken images and thumbnails.

* Changed the overflow option to only allow true or false. Fresco now only handles overflow
  along the y-axis.

* Hovering the caption no longer affects overflow, this makes it possible to select text
  with a static image on the screen.

* Vimeo thumbnails are now cached and no longer send out a JSON request multiple times.

* Fresco now completely detaches itself from the DOM when hidden, it also doesn't attach
  elements until shown.

* Changed the preload option to an array that makes it possible to set the amount of items
  to preload before and after the current item.

* Renamed .fr-loading to .fr-spinner.

* Simplified the effects option, removed options that didn't belong in there.

* Added sync option to change the way items are shown.

* Added uiDelay option to set the duration in miliseconds to wait before hiding UI 
  elements that can be toggled on mouseover.

* Added spinnerDelay option to set the delay in miliseconds to wait before showing 
  the spinner. It's no longer instantly shown, we wait 300ms.

* Added maxWidth and maxHeight options and better documented the width and height options.

* Removed onClick: 'next'

* Moved work on iframe, Ajax, HTML and inline content out of Fresco 2, it will be released 
  later this year as a standalone modal window script to complement Fresco.

* Made upgrading from Fresco 1.x to Fresco 2 and all future upgrades free!
*1.7.2* - 05.02.2015
* Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7.0 that prevented content with a caption from displaying at 
  full resolution.
*1.7.1* - 04.02.2015
* Fixed a bug that made it possible to set ui: 'inside' on vimeo and youtube videos, 
  ui: 'outside' is now forced again for videos to avoid blocking video controls [Shlok Datye]

* Elements are now appended to the body instead of prepended to avoid some page shift
  with disabled stylesheets [Shlok Datye]
*1.7.0* - 02.02.2015
  - Dropped support for IE6.
    IE6 now uses a fallback like other ancients browsers. This helped clean up the 
    codebase and prepare it for the future, removing IE6 specific hacks and skins.

  - This release is not backwards compatible if you're using custom skins.

* Switched to SVG/PNG sprite based skins. We're no longer using @x2 sprites, this 
  makes everything sharp on @x3 resolutions and higher, like iPhone6+ and 4/5K displays.

* New skins based on Strip (

* Various tweaks to make Fresco more responsive:
  - Thumbnails are now hidden on small screens, even on the desktop.
  - Less spacing on small screens to give content more room.
  - Removed some :hover states that could cause issues on mobile devices.
  - Optimized media queries for the iPhone6+

* Skins in CSS are now using a new format, this breaks backwards compatibility if you're 
  using custom skins:

* Removed the spacing option, spacing is now handled in CSS and optimized on smaller devices.

* Fixed a bug that prevented smooth resizing when a caption was visible [Serpico]

* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to use 0 spacing with a caption enabled [Serpico]

* Fixed a globally exposed variable.

* Removed support for the deprecated fit option.

* Improved fallbacks to avoid running unnecessary code on unsupported browsers.