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*1.6.4* - 24.01.2015
* Fixed a bug that prevented a single item from showing up when using 
  effects: { content: { sync: false } } [Cerulean]
*1.6.3* - 06.12.2014
* Improved centering on mobile when changing orientation [marcherm]
*1.6.2* - 29.10.2014
* Using with a position but without options didn't pass along empty options.
*1.6.1* - 23.10.2014
* Increased default video dimensions to 1280x720. For vimeo the dimensions 
  are 1280x(matching height).

  Note: The Youtube API still has a limitation that makes it impossible to 
  find dimensions so we can set a matching height like with vimeo videos.
  Star this ticket if you'd like to see support for it at some point:
*1.6.0* - 13.10.2014
* Reduced installation to 3 files, including jQuery. We're no longer using optional files.

* Removed the use of the Youtube Iframe API and Froogaloop javascript files.

* Fresco is now able to set Youtube videos to HD quality with just the iframe using vq: 'hd1080', 
  which is enabled by default.

* Removed the CSS3 MediaQuery shim from the installation instructions, if anyone still needs 
  to make IE8 and lower responsive the shim can be included using:

  <!--[if lt IE 9]>
    <script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
*1.5.1* - 17.09.2014
* Fixed a bug where sound could keep playing after closing a video in IE10+
*1.5.0* - 12.09.2014
* Dropped support for swipe events in favour of pinch-zoom support.
  - Details on this change:  
    Our swipe implementation used to block pinch-zoom in order to work around certain 
    browser limitations. With the current state of browsers we have to choose between 
    swipe or pinch-zoom support. Being able to zoom takes priority since zooming is 
    crucial on small devices.

    As for those browser limitations. Having a swipe implementation currently requires 
    tracking touchmove events along one axis while blocking touchmove along the other axis 
    to allow for a steady swipe. Pinch-zoom requires touchmove to work along both axis, 
    so this causes a conflict preventing swipe and pinch-zoom on the same element.

    These problems can be solved once browsers implement ways to distinguish between swipe 
    and pinch-zoom without having to piggyback onto touchmove events. Once they do we'll be 
    able to reintroduce our swipe based UI.

* We're moving from position:fixed to position:absolute on touch based devices to allow 
  pinch-zoom to work correctly. This means Fresco will remain static while scrolling the 
  page on touch based devices.

* Fixed a margin issue on vertical thumbnails.
*1.4.11* - 26.06.2014
* Implemented a more elegant box-sizing: content-box reset.
*1.4.10* - 25.06.2014
* Improved the fix implemented in 1.4.9
*1.4.9* - 25.06.2014
* Made sure that Fresco uses box-sizing: content-box on all its elements. This fixes
  dimension issues on pages with a global overwrite to box-sizing: border-box [owlz]