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*1.4.1* - 11.12.2013
* Fix for some browser bugs that could cause extreme slowdowns when opening sets of large images 
  with thumbnails enabled [redshift3d, Chrystal]

  The root of this problem seemed to be some browsers not being able to handle javascript effects 
  while inserting an image. This might have to do with processing done on an image to smoothen it 
  as it is inserted, which conflicts with the running effect. In some cases the problem only appeared 
  the second time a lightbox was opened, which might hint to some caching issues in the browser. 
  Whatever the cause, Fresco now delays thumbnail insertion as a workaround.
*1.4.0* - 10.12.2013
* Vertical thumbnails! The thumbnails option now accepts 'vertical', putting the thumbnails on 
  the left side instead of at the bottom. This is useful in cases where the full height of the 
  page needs to be used for zoom/scroll effects [zoomforall, ten24ltd, Chrystal]

* Updated sprites to have up and down arrows for vertical thumbnails.

* The fit option has been deprecated in favor of the new overflow option. This makes it easier
  to understand how to create a zoom/scroll effect because this effect is actually more about 
  overflow x/y than keeping one axis contained.

* The spacing option is now based on overflow instead of fit, since that option has been deprecated.

  note: this breaks backwards compatibility with skins that adjusted spacing.

* Simplified the thumbnail layout, the new structure gives more room for things like box-shadow.

* Fixed a bug that caused a script error in IE6 caused by a change in 1.3.

* Updated documentation to cover the new options and changes.
*1.3.2* - 09.12.2013
* Moved the close button to the top in the touch based UI. This works around some bugs in iOS 7 
  Mobile Safari where the bottom menu could start overlapping this button. [jdelmoral]

  note: this makes 1.3.2 not backwards compatible with custom skins that affect touch based 
  devices since UI changes had to be made in order to make this possible.

* The touch based caption bar will now only appear whenever a group has at least one caption.

* Slightly tweaked the duration of a touch based slide to give it more frames for a smoother
  animation, this is based on devices like the iPad Air that can easily handle more frames in 
  javascript based animations.

* Upgraded jQuery to 1.10.2
*1.3.1* - 21.11.2013
* Fixed a bug that could cause sound to keep playing after closing a video on touch based devices [satoshionoda]
*1.3.0* - 28.09.2013
* Doubled the treshold on touchmove events, this allows for more time to create a swipe motion 
  without noticing movement from the touchmove just before the swipe, this sometimes made a 
  swipe seem jerky.

* Refactored image preloading for the touch based UI to make it faster. A smaller range of images 
  is now preloaded to work better with mobile devices that have a small cache.

* Fixed a CSS issue that could cause a subpixel border to appear in some versions of Android.
*1.2.7* - 09.09.2013
* Fixed onClick: 'close' not working in the touch based UI [Thore Ganz]

* The touch based UI now also sets onClick: 'close' automatically if only 1 image is shown,
  so it can be tapped to close [Thore Ganz]
*1.2.6* - 05.06.2013
* Added a fallback for older iPhone 3 models that don't allow upgrading to iOS 5 [GoGetThemes]
*1.2.5* - 26.05.2013
* Updated jQuery to 1.10

* Fixed a bug that caused a ReferenceError in iOS 4 [anhaengerwolf]
*1.2.4* - 15.05.2013
* Improved performance on touch devices (faster swiping). Content is now preloaded in sets of 10 
  instead of preloading on each swipe [mja202]
*1.2.3* - 10.05.2013
* Updated build system to use grunt.

* Made sure that the light versions opens links pointing to vimeo and youtube videos as regular 
  urls instead of constantly showing the loading animation.