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*1.2.2* - 04.05.2013
* Fixed a bug in 1.2.0 that caused afterPosition not to fire on touch devices.
*1.2.1* - 01.05.2013
* Fixed a problem that prevented private vimeo videos from being embedded [lettereye]

* Made sure that requests to vimeo are made using https when browsing from a secure site, this 
  prevented some videos from showing up in Chrome [yonatan]
** - 01.05.2013
* Fixed a bug that caused the overlay not to make itself larger when making the browser window larger 
  in IE9 and above [cmal]
*1.2.0* - 30.04.2013
* Added a new touch based UI with improved support for swipe events!

  Content will now drag along as you swipe, it feels a lot better. This UI will always be used on 
  touch devices, even when a different ui option is selected.

  Make sure to update all files when moving to this release. Some new third party javascript files
  have been added and are covered in the the installation instructions.

* Improved captions on mobile/touch devices. The new touch based UI collapses the caption to 
  a single line with the option to expand it.

* Thumbnails are now disabled on touch devices, this improves load times.

* The Youtube iframe API is now recommended instead of optional, this allows videos to reset 
  themselves when moving between them on touch devices. This way 2 videos will never play at the
  same time. Without including it you might have to manually pause videos.

* Added Vimeo's froogaloop.js to the installation. It is recommended for the same reasons, it 
  allows video to reset on touch devices.

* Made sure that https: urls are used when loading video from a secure domain to prevent security warnings.

* Updated CSS with some optimizations for touch devices.

* Updated sprites with new buttons for the touch based UI.
** - 12.04.2013
* Added a fallback that allows cross-domain images to have a drag image, currently only supported by Firefox.

* Fixed a bug that caused one thumbnail to show up when using to switch from a group 
  to a single item while Fresco was visible.
** - 11.04.2013
* Fixed a bug in 1.1.7 that caused a security warning for cross-domain drag images. This fixes 
  thumbnails for Youtube and Vimeo videos from throwing these warnings. Since drag images use 
  canvas.toDataURL the limitations it brings along will prevent us from creating them cross-domain, 
  we'll supress security warnings and fallback to blocking the drag as before in those cases.
** - 11.04.2013
* Fixed a bug in 1.1.7 where individual images (ungrouped) wouldn't have a resized ghost image, 
  it could appear larger in Firefox.
*1.1.7* - 11.04.2013
* Implemented drag to save for browsers supporting setDragImage, currently Firefox, Chrome 
  and Safari.

  The implementation follows Chrome, where the drag image always fits in a 200x200 box with 
  slightly lowered opacity. Normalizing this improves the experience on browsers that keep
  drag images as big as the original.

  note: Chrome will not have a drag image when using the 'file:' protocol, it would otherwise 
  give a security warning.

* The previous and next button areas when using ui: 'outside' now both cover 50% of the image.
  This aligns the layout with ui: 'inside' and fixes a problem where the area of the previous 
  button started functioning as a next button at the first image. 50/50 works best with
  images of different dimensions since it gives the previous button a fixed position.
*1.1.6* - 29.03.2013
* Vimeo videos no longer have filler black space. Their dimensions are fetched through JSONP.

  If one dimension is set the other will be canculated. Vimeo videos still have a default 640 width, 
  height is now calculated to match, this removes filler black space around videos.

  Youtube has limitations that prevent this from being implemented. A JSONP callback would have to 
  be added to Please star this ticket if you'd like to see support for it:
*1.1.5* - 22.03.2013
* Added Vimeo thumbnails.

* Made it possible close with ESC immediately after opening instead of having to wait till
  content comes into view.